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SQ-1 Crank Arms

The SQ-1 cranks arms have a traditional, five-arm, 110-bolt pattern spider and come in a variety of lengths to fit most riders or riding situations, from the 5-and-under BMX racer to the 6-foot tall fixie-riding hipster.

Compatible with any JIS square-taper bottom bracket, they are cold-forged from 6061-T6 aluminum for strength, low weight and durability and feature beautiful anodized finishes.

Available in anodized red, blue, gold and black with laser-etched graphics in lengths 135 to 170 in 5-millimeter increments. Bottom bracket sold separately. Meets or exceeds ENBMX standards.

135mm-PX-CK13ST135: 501 grams

140mm-PX-CK13ST140: 503 grams

145mm-PX-CK13ST145: 516 grams

150mm-PX-CK13ST150: 524 grams

155mm-PX-CK13ST155: 531 grams

160mm-PX-CK13ST160: 538 grams

165mm-PX-CK13ST165: 556 grams

170mm-PX-CK13ST170: 558 grams