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The most advanced accurate, reliable hour meter made and the quickest and easiest to Install

There are no connections required
Automatically starts and stops from the running of your engine by sensing the resonance of the motor
No wiring required; no power, ground or pick-up wire required - just peel and stick

Includes resettable trip as well as total hours accumulated modes
Includes double-sided tape and mounting screws
Waterproof; shock-resistant
Built in battery has 5-7 year lifespan
Comes with log book to track the service life, oil changes, valve adjustments, spark plugs, settings etc.
Records and displays to 9.999,9 hours
Hour glass symbol automatically appears when engine is running and flashes on/off to indicate counting time
Push button to display data when engine is not running
Resolution 0,1 hour

Works on any motorcycle, ATV/UTV or PWC automatically. 2- or 4-stroke
Made with solid-state electronics, modern LCD; has superb environmental durability and enhanced functionality, making it the best choice of all possibilities without sacrificing performance, operation or budget
Made with ROHS compliant components
CE Certified; IP-68 Rating
Designed, assembled and packaged in the U.S.A.