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Gibson MX 4.1 Rear Intermediate Hard Motocross Tire

A rear tyre that offers perfect value for money. The ultramodern design offers massive grip on medium to medium-hard ground. The outward facing BOW-TIE format of the lugs facilitates maximum control at every angle. The crosslink technology with its additional braces between the outer lugs, in combination with a reinforced tyre shoulder, further improves the side stability.
The slick arrangement and dimensioning of the tread bars of the GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 4.1 not only optimises the contact area of the tyre but also enables an exceptional self-cleaning effect, making the GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 4.1 the first choice when it comes to muddy ground.
The GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 4.1 FACTORY MOTOCROSS has been specially developed for competition use. Like all FACTORY tyres, it exhibits maximum heat resistance and is resistant to dynamic loads.

Available sizes:

• 110/90-19 TT NHS for 450cc
• 100/90-19 TT NHS for 125/250cc
• 90/100-16 TT NHS for 85cc
• 90/100-14 TT NHS for big wheel 65cc
• 80/100-12 TT NHS for 65cc
• 2.75 – 12 TT NHS for 65cc
• 2.75 – 10 TT NHS for 50cc

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